George” Which ” Way

Signs pointing in all directions

like up rooted trees after a storm

I scratch my head in wonderment

I feel a slight uneasiness in my stomach, as I was about to…..

Still I fight with myself to go in the direction of my stomach

Trust has always been an issue even with myself

I’ve come to the crossed roads oh so many times. When I got to the place in point, I had to step back for I had forgotten why…….

To some it might seem… But to me it was critical

I tried spinning around to remember

almost losing my balance

All I have are questions

never a concern for answers,reasons, or


As I stood

my blood began to boil

like water waiting for pasta

and steam coming from a tight lid

I’m simply MAD

i tell you

With the hairs sticking all out of place

I needed to adjust my glasses

as the wind has tossed them

And the spit was crusted in each corner of my mouth

As the red welled up in my eyes

Mad I tell you

While fumbling with the dame safety cap

to get another pain pill

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