By the time I get through  life

She’ll be dying,I wish I had stay with

Her to this day,I regent, that I left

My soul,it wouldn’t rest for a spirit

Once had died,and I couldn’t bare

My soul this life,so I left behind her

And took my life, what I thought I was

Taken,but what I got was loss, by the

Time I left life it was a straight line

Across i-80,non stop I pulled away

Across the US in a week,I couldn’t

Move fast enough, the riot’s, earthquake

Life and me were at odds,by the time I

Reached Florida life had no more gas

And my love was broken

Like the life I left behind

Glenn Campbell died

I’ve been following his

Story for awhile now

He had Alzheimer’s

He was 81 sad,he was

Part of the studio’s musicians

Called the wrecking crew

This was written with

The song “bye the time I get to Phoenix”

“Life is cruel”

3 thoughts on ““Glenn”

  1. Some of Leonard Cohen’s words make me cry, and today your poem “Glenn” made me cry, and through the tears I type, a truly heartfelt emotional writing, thank you, as I play Leonard’s, “You Want It Darker”, and the wet tissues are flying everywhere….

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