So there I was


I was in

the school

parking lot

To pick up

my daughter

I try hard

not to pay

too much


To these kids

who want to

grow up before

they have

enough time

But it’s hard

because I

know what

It feels like


for your


So how can

I not see

them for

what they are

This guy’s

Ok this

child’s hair

was so long

You couldn’t

even see his


Now I’m

not going

to go there

even if you say……

Just trust me

When I tell you

I can’t imagine

how he sees

But this is how

It is now

If sweat shirts

can be the hood

So if it’s hair

that is the mask

This is all what

they want to do

A little crazy

before they


What being


can do

3 thoughts on “Hair

  1. They all think its all cool ..Let them face reality every such craziness will be vanished in a blink 😛

  2. We’re all crazy sometimes. Youth is the time to experiment and find your own niche. I never subscribed to violence for its own sake, sometimes it’s necessary most times not.

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