Hard shiny finish


There’s a confrontation between

Me and authority, my body is

driving this fight, its pushing in ways

I might not normally go,what

Does one do,fucking push back

When your body says no,deep

Down when a spirit grows,your

Reply should be why not

There were times in my life

Where my knees would buckle

My palms would sweat and go

Clammy,I’d turn and run,now

It’s fuel for my fire,I go toe to

Toe,I’d ripe off heads and spiss

Down your throat,if I believe

I’m right and there’s a fight

If I learned anything,I’ve

Learned if you don’t push

Back,they’ll shove your

Square into a round hole


8 thoughts on “Hard shiny finish

  1. Hey Mr Sheldon dear…
    I felt every emotion in this post …angry,sad,frustrated pushed and tired and …
    You have every right to feel this way…I get it…you know that.. ; ) Imma here for you…
    I know that it doesn’t help but I am here…
    I hope this passes fast for you… it’s like watching the clock…an hour glass…either time flys or it stands still…
    Gentle hugggggs n ♥

  2. A little anger is a good thing. It means you’re alive and have a sense of your own worth. You are absolutely right; the system’s solution to diversity is to impose conformity. It’s an outrage because it’s lazy and destructive. On the other hand you can live in a rage. I’ve tried and it’s counter productive. 🙂

    1. I am Trying not to be the last angry man
      But the system keeps pulling me in
      Than I have to work twice as hard
      To work my way back out
      I’ve haven’t been doing all the rite things
      To get better,but it’s been hard
      When I don’t have a good system to work with me

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