Head Elves

I was inspired to write this by Little Monster Girl

Who does these fanatics comic on her blog

There is a post she does called The Forgotten World,the one I did this poem for is called Head Elves


You should go and check her out she is really great when it comes to her comic strips

So with that all being said

I give you “Head Elves”

Who are these darkers

The ones who live

behind my eyes

They come as

my mind is

shut down for

the nite

And I am



Scary as it is

Their all speaking

at once

Miss Natural

who thinks she’s

an animal who

wears a mask

as she changes

her mood

Little Cheese

pizza face

Or Joe Shorts

with one eye

But where do they come….

Is it the bad side of midnite

Or my twisted comic strip world

They should stay put on paper

where I know them best

Instead of being in my head

of my behind the eye World

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