Hell Bound

It always happens
When you
Least expect…….
That brief
That could
Your life
A situation
Or circumstance
That goes
From the
I pray you
Go through
What I went……
Waking up
In the middle
Of the nite
As though
You’ve been
plugged into
Making sit up in bed
Not pretty
My body and
My mind is
Still processing
That car

8 thoughts on “Hell Bound

  1. Sheldon
    I’m here, thinking about the pain you are suffering and you may not have anyone there to help you with basic needs, It sounds like you’re still in the state of shock from the wreck. I’ve had two bad, very bad wrecks which left behind neck and back pain. Each was very traumatic, I was in my 20’s, broke, had no one close by to help even walk me to bathroom. It was scary, I was out of work, so many things went through my mind. None of which were positive. I’m older now and can see how faith in a better future would have helped me.
    I don’t know the gravity of your injuries, sounds quite bad and for sure painful. You have a friend in me, I can’t help you to bathroom but I can listen when you need to talk and can be a cheerleader as any friend would do to help you any way possible to a more positive state.
    I knee reaction to your last comment has a natural defense mechanism for me, after reading your comment again, I miss understood why you were saying. Please remember Lyme had taken much of my cognitive function and I don’t always understand. You seem like a decent guy, I think you’re a decent guy, what human with a heart would not want to help you. I don’t know exactly what I could say but conversations take a course. I hope any of this makes sense. I’m not the pity party type in my own life and would not act that way towards you. I don’t know what to say or how to help until we talk. msandorm@verizon.net I understand if you don’t email, I might not either. Just know I will gladly take an email and we can see if I can say anything helpful.
    Sound crazy? Maybe?

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