Hit Them With A Stick

What do you do when the game is played

You are rite in the middle if it

A. You don’t know the rules

B. You don’t know the game

But forever reason Life has put you rite

in the middle of the game

I have had this happen way to many times

Life is already to complicated

To confusing

To frustrating

I am so tired of all this bullshit

People do

People play

At times I can’t keep up

But yet I am in the middle of all of this

There’s nothing to do accept to mimic those

around me like I know what I am doing



4 thoughts on “Hit Them With A Stick

  1. World might call it quitting if I leave the game because of the fact that I don’t understand or I do not wish to, however, it will be releasing yourself from something that isn’t doing any good for/ to you. Life is too short tryingto survive in a game you never wanted to play.

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