Humphrey Bogart


It can be a garden of roses

It can be a bed of weeds

Life can be a dragon sitting next to you breathing down your neck

Or if you’re lucky enough the gentle breeze of air conditioning

The people in your life can be a blessing or a curse

It’s positioning yourself

And bracing for the fall


The ability to go to the next level of thinking in the mist of adversity

That’s what separates the movers and the doers

Taking the strange and usual and making it usually strange

You must always be aware of you boundaries and limits

And yes,always know how to say “NO”

Make sure if they say who they are,they also mean who they are

It’s a two way street

Not a one way,with no outlet

Being a friend is a responsibility

You either own it or you have blown it,

there’s no half stepping

,no time to get it twisted

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