The trusted doe will pay

Once again there will be……..

I can hear your voice

As the wind speaks

Blowin the rain cause I can barely hear

Once again there will be pain

But why Howard

Walking out onto a highway

What was this man pain

I heard the wind blowin

As the rain was him cryin

I heard in between those…..

Why is all of this worth it

I’ve walked in this man shoes

I know the pain of uncertainty

There has to be a difference

Between,an alternative

A God Dam Choice

Life as we understand it

Or Hell bound

jounery to Death

I’ve lost another soldier to suicide

A old mentor of mine that I had

Lost contact with never the less…….

The words I did get were given to me with mean spirits

I have a purple heart when it comes to suicide,I hope I never learn to spell it…..Howard I’m sorry for your pain I wish I would of known sooner…….I tip my hat to you and for the Guardian Ware ……..your memory will be ever lasting

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