In Pain

I have been in a lot of physical pain,I have a bad shoulder a rotator cuff,it’s been ok for a great while but I did something to it last week and even since I have been it great pain

I don’t do pain well,I hate when I’m limited to have to slow done,I can’t take real pain medicine any more my body can’t take it as well as my mind

I hate being a patient,my mood has been low,I had trouble sleeping,my mind is all over the place like a map of the United States

So I am reaching out today because I am low in my soul,I am playing sea hunt in my spit

If I was a fish I would be a bottom feeder

I have  been doing anti inflammatory medicine,ice,white willow which also an anti inflammatory,and drink

Still it’s a long road

As always Sheldon

11 thoughts on “In Pain

  1. Sheldon, sorry to read of your pain! Rotator cuff injuries take a long time to heal. Yes, anti-inflammatory meds do work, ice is helpful, and if you can, go to physical therapy! You’ll probably need a referral from your primary care doc for that though. I can relate! I’ve had rotator cuff injuries over the years. Just know it does get better. The long term after care is up to you with band exercises and strengthening shoulder muscles. Good luck! Hope the pain lessens! Christine

  2. oh my dear sheldon……I hate to hear this …it breaks my heart to read this and what is going on with you….I’M all to familiar with all day everyday pain and even shoulder tear pain like the above stated all great things to try and all very important information …you may want to go to a medical supply store and buy a sling for that shoulder of yours and keep it still……my dad has had both shoulders operated on and being in the medical field myself we know much about it….and pain is what has kept me from not posting that everyday wears me out and i also have lupus really bad and fibro and a host of illnesses but my heart is going out to you my dear friend…please know that i am here for you day or night i will try to keep my phone on and if you need anything at all please leave a comment and i will try to get you thru this…. just know you are not alone….
    also use heat every 20min on and let shoulder get room temp then use ice every 20 mins…. on for 20 then off…..please take rest as well as needed…keep it still get that sling you do not need a dr note for that you can just buy one at and medical store….please let me know how you are doing…
    sending hugs to you my dear

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