Once hopeful,now is the aftermath of shattered glass,you’re struck from the side never seeing from where it came, a flash of red light is calling out your name,only life doesn’t speak in complete sentences, you know what it is saying,a meaning not experienced, you just know,you just know,that smell is enough to kill,it’s not going away anytime soon,once hopeful is now a story you wish you were never told much less experienced,even though you sweep you’re still hopeful that your foot doesn’t find that inevitable piece…..

7 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. This piece blew me away! I can see how life and the choices we make are akin to fragile glass. We do control when that glass shatters. Self destructive behaviors or surrounding ourselves with those who leave a broken trail, often finds us picking up the pieces. I’ve stepped barefoot on those fragments before. The cuts don’t heal very quickly.

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