Into All

As long

as I can

see even in

the shadow dark

I will be able

to turn

at each

of its


Though at

times it feels

I am

carrying a

weighted load

May I still see

a distant lite

that shines

Telling me

which direction

to walk

For life’s pains

are not it’s


They are lessons

which are


to be learned

3 thoughts on “Into All

  1. There is a possibility that I have come through the other side of this pain,I am feeling much better today than I have been in some time,I went last nite and had reiki ,a massage
    I feel so………
    Thank you for putting up with me my craziness

  2. Cmon! 🙂 it was really nicely written & I didn’t sense any craziness in it..
    How’s your arm now ??

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