Is The Doctor…….

My body is broken

My finger is numb

What started as pain

has become an



The doctors look at

me as though I

have two heads

Why do they

all have those



No one knows

my body better

than I do

This is where

the rub comes in

Because you go

to the Dr

to hear

Not for him just to listen

But for him to listen to me

Being proactive is

not about the doctors

you meet along the way

It’s about the ones

you find when

you arrive

for your




that hour

You don’t

have to


7 thoughts on “Is The Doctor…….

  1. One of my dearest friends is a doctor who has been brainwashed into believing his absolute authority. His entitlement and expectations of management had been given by decree and degree; an institution higher up.

    Oh to have his confidence and immortality, his free lunches and breakfasts and the sense of importance bestowed.

    To drive away in his Porsche(s) to an awaiting vacation. Excuse me while I take an Alka-Seltzer.

  2. The one person I hate the .most I now have to rely on
    I’ve been waiting to speak,l have been lower than a worm swimming in spit
    I now have sciatica in my leg on the left side

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