Its All Some Kind Of Strange

You go to the Dr for this cold

It seems you’ve had it for months

Now it’s an “ENT”

You tell him all your concerns, he looks at you as though you’ve got two heads

You leave his office feeling what did I just do this for, certainly not for me

Because it’s still antibiotic and steroids these are two you had before

It’s all kind of stranger

Now it’s off to the bank to deposit a check

Write the slip up, you want the check as cash

You go to a teller you never seen before

She says you want this as cash

You say to yourself  but isn’t that what I just wrote

Ok that will be fine then………

It’s all kind of strange

Next is the store for just a few

You’ve got what you need

So shelf check out is what you want

But instead of a short run

Your still waiting, because there’s a basket full in front

It’s all kind of strange

It’s clear to me I ask to many question, often wonder why

To much of this makes me want to scream, this is all some kind of strange

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