It’s different


It didn’t seem possible for the first time that Mavis couldn’t remember  being asked a question about of all things how he felt,now he knew,how Iver must of felt the first it had happen how did she felt,her heart ached from all………,misunderstood love,for all the flowers that she could of had to say…….

But now they meant nothing because,be cause,oh shit its happening again,only this time all the covering won’t do Mavis

was alone with his collection of fears anger and rage,priceless,that had been cherry picked through by the years waiting,watching,all these paychecks that were,were his, for that sweet minute, and this time now was some One else was going to sit up and take notice

But the audience were wrong too ,they weren’t the men the hippest,the shakers

These guys could make good on a book that was late at the public library,while dragging their knuckles on the ground kind of guy,and this was…….this was all a stretcher in the eyes on some else’s mind, a mutual admiration Society based on love and when the bill came due in the mail you knew it was time to pay that bill,and you better have cash to pay it

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