It’s not Me

20171105_161746ok 👌 I hear you its been way too long since I’ve post but I’ve tried to over & over but the words……..were the great escape

I was sitting in the podiatrist waiting room,doing what one normally does, I was being summon by the one who sharpens the steal,with all my innocence I am looking at my feet,deciding which evil toes shall it be, I happen to notice one without a name or a position. 9months to wait for,nail bitting torturing flesh is too long for any man to endor,I took the position that this Dr knew more than any knew before ordering than i to cut evil before it had it chance… wait,to clip,to cause more pain on top of pain, Mr Psoriasis meet Toe E,Fungi
It ain’t happy feet its evil coming
Out & unfortunately I needed this Dr help for many different reasons 1 major reason any poison coming from hands,feet,pain loves living in any ones appendages, The kindly old Dr Fungis said it was a hereditary dis….,So the less is said the better,,,,,, mightier you’ll

your briefly
Roger Wrongway


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