It’s been said that

The search is as well

As it’s find,yet to keep

Looking when necessary

Can be Discouraging,and is

Not an option,yet looking

W/in to,I found my happiness, its

Been well over due, there

Was happiness w/in,a missing

Component,one well over

Due, I felt the sun,and an

Smelled the rain, and found

My garden, its been all longing

In loneliness & few to find, yet

The finding,the wanting is

Somewhat refreshing

Its all about the search












3 thoughts on “Its…

  1. It’s a happy poem, It’s an enjoyable read, and I’m searching for more to say, but refreshingly I’m stuck for words…….. thankyou Sheldon, another lovely piece……

  2. So true…it IS all about the search…we humans need to search as, once found, we need a new cause to search for! Called progress, or divorce and never mind the chaos left behind. Paradise is the goal, Paradise lost and never regained.

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