I’ve been chase for my beliefs

I taken a lesser job

Just so I could say

I am working,I’ve

Eaten shit from

A cup,just to prove

I am hungry for my words

Everyone seems to know

The answer but w/0 turly

Understanding, a vulture

Circles death,the person

Who is in for the long

Haul doesn’t worry about

The birds,this picture

Is a statement piece

It takes all the elements

Of life and frames it

Just for the sole purpose

Of that piece being on

Exhibition,there comes

A point in the creative

process where it’s too

Late to start all over

Again,a true artist can

Read music,to me it’s

All relative play the song

Because they can hear

While other play cause

It’s written,there’s truth

And then there is true

Some can write anywhere

While some need peace

and quiet, I’ve sat on the stoop

Of a brown stone,with traffic

My ear,not everyone can commit

The process means different

Things to all who can……..

There’s a little bit of artist

In everyone even if

your can’t read it’s notes


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