Jr. High


Larger then life’s Expectations   With less than average results  Writing with an ink pen was an indication you could use your head for more than a hat rack,Back then there wasn’t white out You had an eraser for ink   And it would always tear the paper   We couldn’t use a pen till we were sure of ourselves   Science notes were pictures of hand drawn amoeba,color pencils were all the rage, you could get a passing grade if you had taken good notes,Mr Jacobs was a mad man behind the science diet ,he kept the peace with a yardstick,proving his strenght by smacking the stick against the blackboard just to see us all jump,public jr high was no joke,especially when Mr Frazier explain the pit falls of drug addiction, while the shop teach  Mr Parnell sang listen to the mocking bird, you can’t imagine trying to learn mechanical drawing,I had no glue when it came to drawing with a perspective, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t lost my lunch, this guy name Caesar,he was there just to make my life a living hell,life was just getting interesting from model glue in a brown bag,to playing pool at the pool hall,jr high school was the proving grounds,for Beatle boots and red licorice for breakfast   if by chance you were lucky,you could get the lock to open w/0 forgetting the combination   the only real excitement was steak sandwiches on Friday and watching the hooligans fighting in the lunch room,over head projectors and shadow dancing ,sex education was learning to have sex by playing a game of pocket ball no one knew who would win,when it was all said and done Saturday nite was for dancing,it was the only thing i was good at and surprisingly enough I could cut the rug

2 thoughts on “Jr. High

  1. I soooo loved this… Love you sharing and so can relate to all of this … major flashbacks lol…the good and the bad…lol… from the no white out things were permanent when we wrote out our work that eraser like you said only tore our paper until papermate came out with the eraser pen lol ohh color pencils n loved the pen with all the colors in one…OH my friend don’t forget the rubber cement lol… I loved shop class and hated science well in this one school I did but we moved and then I fell in love with science … yes the mean bully sucked too azzholes… I could keep going like I said this was a great walk…now lets cut a rug and have some fun lol…
    Hugggs n love

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