Just a thought

Ok ladies and gentlemen

I found yet another priceless

Jen,I am talking about Puddles

The Clown,he was on The Voice

May 30 2017,watch it,it will

Blow you away,

“Just A Thought”

Blue days

Gray nites

I sat waiting

For the telephone

To ring, but you

Didn’t call,I watch

You fall from grace

I saw your bad side

None of this matter

Cause when I was

With you it was

Love at first sight

I was willing to

Take all the bad

For one of those

Kisses,blue days

Gray nites, depakote

The silent twist of

Your face,life meant

More to me than

I understood,I walked

Away from you and so

Much more,no longer

Do I wait,no longer

Are the days,the phone

Has been replaced

For the nites w/0

Is one less

Bottle that speaks




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