Just Dropped


I hit my head hard on Saturday

Somehow it always seems like

It’s my head,I know…..

It took me a couple of days

To shake,I’m still a little

Fuzzy,God I wish I had

An answer but the

Questions keep coming

Fast and furious,to much

For one man to keep up

I swear the spirits are

Calling me asking me

Where I am,but I am

Stubborn, not ready

To listen to their call

My mind is still strong

And I feel like that will

Carry me,besides I want

To see my little girl

Graduate High school

I know there’s a few things

I have to do to reach that

Goal but my flesh is no

Where near my spirit

My body is fraid

With too many

Loose ends

Please listen

And give me……….

7 thoughts on “Just Dropped

  1. Shelton
    I spent until my twenties in what I called the careless or stubborn. When you’re abused as a child you want to be invisible. My mind never stops, the night bring nightmares, I developed the habit of trying to do or carry to much, I CAN DO IT. In a way over time, making small changes helps to multifunction. My mind is absorbed unless concentrating, that’s where the clumsy and serious injuries started.
    I have many faults but I will take a go at something before asking for help. At 53 nothing changes, I’m having surgery tomorrow and made the smart decision to get on a ladder. Wrong, two falls later, stepping on a nail, hammer fell and dinged desk. My husband is so used to hearing something he doesn’t want to here everyday. I just smile and say, I DID IT MY WAY. Somethings never change, just embrace.
    Email me, let’s have a level conversation you are challenging. I care and at times a good listener.

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