Just Fill These Out

Soundly sleeping one minute
& the next this intense
pain in my calf
A Charlie Horse
The scream of DEATH
Not a morning kiss
But a reminder that pain
is your daily bread
Your Morning Breakfast
2pills with a chasers
of grapefruit juice
I knew it was either
sink or swim
I couldn’t commit
I couldn’t even think
My tears have tears
Not another day
Sitting in pain
you go to places
you shouldn’t go
But yes Mr Kleeman
Your insurance card
Driver license
&please fill these out
Date and sign

15 thoughts on “Just Fill These Out

  1. I don’t know how I feel this morning
    I’m not a morning person
    I usually don’t have a good perspective till the afternoon
    I did wake up with another Charlie horse

    1. Those are the worst…..hate when that happens…like you were running in your sleep and bam…..see you in the afternoon sleepy head…I’m not a morning peep either…

  2. Hey Sheldon…
    Please contact your pharmacy about taking any kind of grapefruit juice or anything with that juice in it with your medications!!!! Very important my friend!!!! Please look into this ASAP….Some medications don’t mix well with grapefruit juice at all and can cause major problems…So please tell me you have called them and or have already looked into it….Just concerned ..
    Soft hugggs

  3. look I’ve been at this craziness for a long time
    You can’t read everything at face value
    It’s called poetic licence
    Of course I know what I can do
    And what can’t do
    If you love me
    Read, think,and enjoy

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