Just saying

When you are sitting still does it feel like you are under someone’s thumb

Does the weight on your shoulders a push you down deeper into your easy chair………..or the ever presence of another person but you know you are alone…………even when you didn’t come for the show they still feel you are the audience …….the scene

Is simple you are waiting for your sandwich that you just order to go at your favorite local joint and a man comes in wearing a shoulder holster with a gun

he’s also wearing a tee shirt saying this is NRA country…….the check engine light goes off in your car and because of that the mechanic says there are 7/8 different parts it could be and its going to cost you a 100.00 dollars to pin point which part it is……most days your chances are less than average,that’s just the social and economic state right now……thats why god invented plastic,use it pay the interest, in your quite moments lick your wounds like the primate that you are,it can only soothe the savage beast w/in

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