Just The Two

He looked at me in disgust

All he wanted was a son

And all I needed was a father

Neither one of us got what we wanted

Because those words were never….

My hands were shaking

My body weak

The more of what he


was showing

on his face

But there was too much

white powder that had

gone up my nose

He wanted to lash out

His expectations

were not

being met

All I could do was shake

I was spent

Time had not been kind

the money tree was gone

I had tried in my

fimble way

to make it all rite

But my way

was the wrong way

In the end each of our ways were wrong

We both needed each other

But instead we were


Because the love that

was needed

we’re the words

never said

7 thoughts on “Just The Two

  1. Sheldon, that is so heartfelt and beautiful. How often does that happen in life because we are too afraid to show our feelings and say what is in our hearts. Amy

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