Just You

20151227_083930 sometimes changes only means that life is still moving and you are just tryin to keep up.
I’m not looking down at you as you are lookin at me to come up My
Eyes haven’t changed for you
You’re still the one I see making coffee As I the only watchin as you fill my cup Some times changin is all about ……..you just tryin to keep up………

4 thoughts on “Just You

  1. Yes. This just makes so much sense.

    Being underwater
    holding my breath
    the norm of constant anxiety.

    If I bobbed to the surface
    and gasped for air
    my lungs would have to
    adjust to breathing again.

    Is it the change that
    causes the anxiety

    or the anxiety that
    causes life to change?

    Thank you dear Sheldon
    for pulling me back to the surface.

  2. We are all here for each other that’s I how look at it
    I always try to share everything I go through in hopes
    Some one knows they are not alone
    A Soldier of one on a Army of the few
    As Sheldon Mostly

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