0222180910_HDR_Film4I can remember simple times when a younger man could do as much as he, just to say that lifes only loves the younger,when the door was prop open with,the
Innocence man’s a foot to sleep awhile as the old man while slow still can wish & asked, why to ask if it Is so cold life is over he but he is just turned and laugh after. Cause life Is for the living
As much as time goes tic tock time may fall As its will is a ]pgiven no
Answers these strangers because of terms and meaning
Is it a ragged bag waiting to be can

7 thoughts on “Justifiableknown

    1. Not everything has a deep meaning
      Sometimes it How it happens
      What the words sounds like when you
      Encounter them that is the art and spirit in writing
      It keeps you interested as well as you coming back for more

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