Kiss Of Death


She was not an angel of mercy

Though her wings were by her side

She was wearing white

But her eyes was a tell

She was the underling

before the kiss of death came

How did I know her kisses blew death

It was the reason I was there

They needed my pictures for their files

So that they could keep turning kisses into death

It was those pictures that were fuel for their fire

“One mite wonder why must death have a kiss”

“One mite ask the question why are these

pictures are a must”

Opposites attack

For every death there is a picture

And for every picture their must be pain

Yet who made this final decision

Why must there be pictures

Kisses of death

While I kling to pain in the absence of ……..

The supreme of death

The all mighty Dr

He wanted the pictures for his collection

To line his walls as well as his pocket

All for the underlying cause

The kiss of death,his pictures

My pain,for my words were not good enough

The Dr needed kisses

Needed proof of my pain

So he could




All so the Dr could retain his death name

And I could go on in my rightful pain

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