1)What one can believe,one is

2)Forever lives in a very small box

3)Same pair of shoes different person

4)Loneliness has its hours as sleep was meant to dream

5)As quick as a thought can……. is a quick as a thought can change

6)What is not the question,what at its core is you

7)From one is a torch,from two there is fire

Not be feeling good

I know that is not

A lot of information

But right now it’s

About all I want

To say,I’ve been

Quiet for a couple of

Days so I thought

I would do some


KNOBS©Sheldon Kleeman 2017



14 thoughts on “KNOBS

          1. I feel like all we get is a glimpse through the window, mate.
            It’s not how many times we get kicked down that matters, it’s how many times we drag ourselves back up that defines who we are. Your work is utterly beautiful, not because of life, but despite it.

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