Liebster Nominee

Let me take this time to thank.
For making me a nominee,though my creativity has been high i have not been able to fully response please be patient with me,my body is doing a thing and ive been a little slower than usual,l have had alittle trouble getting back to your posts,but fear not i will

As always The Professional Cannon

In my case lateness counts

My friend and follow blogger

Nominated me for the “Versatile Award”

Ok I’m late posting it,it happen sometime last week

Now as far as the ten facts about me,most of me is in my poems and in my art,any more information

comes as to much………

There are far to many of you who inspire me to list

Just to name ……..

I just want to take this time to thank the oceans for the nomination,also to say you should go and check them out,their photography is second to none

Thank you all for the love,support and encouragement

As always Sheldon

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