"LIFE 101"

It’s 20 days that’s what I got   Movies, Mindless,Painful
20days that’s a lot    No joke No smoke and I can’t stand
limping on one…… cause pain is not an easy pill to swallow
especially with chronic dry month    Restlessly waiting
listening for every sound     I wonder what the dog hears
when she picks her head up and I don’t hear anything
20days    Yet I know there’s something else to come
I feel in my bones like just before it rains     Again silence
listening for those unheard of sounds     I’m not good
waiting for that other shoe to fall    But it’s gone and
done it as a close friend has past     Yet I still know something
else is coming just don’t know when or where   Good
bad or in different    20days I never thought I could last
But surprises come when you’ve been pushed    And trust
me I was pulled by a force only known by some
They call it ” LIFE 101″

19 thoughts on “"LIFE 101"

  1. I hear you loud and clear my dear friend!!!…
    This one really spoke to me on different levels..I know when others write and when someone reads it that they can interpret in other forms other ways…
    Fist off proud of you with the no smoking!!!!!! How did you do it?? are you on the patch or pill or??? just asking from a smoker..I hate everything about it I hate the smoke itself so I usually smoke outside (my choice) I hate how clothes smell like I said everything about it but I smoke..I call it my stress reliever my Drs wonder how I would handle all the stress I have if I didn’t smoke sad but true…Again SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!….. : )
    How are you doing I know I ask if you don’t want to go into details I do understand but I just making sure that you are doing ok or the best you can..It seems that you are and I love reading your blog post to get an insight on things
    A hard pill to swallow pain that is..AMEN to that..drives me crazy I take a pain pill and hope that it works…and with dry mouth I hear ya..speaking of dry mouth have you tried Biotene I don’t think I spelled that but they have a whole line toothpaste and a mouth spray and gel things like that and it does help me …
    Omg I have been feeling the same way about something I can’t put my finger on it but it’s something I know for sure.. I don’t get these gut feelings for nothing lol..With all this bad luck we have been having I believe someone has a voodoo doll with all of us never thought this bad luck would have lasted all these years….but I hope with that saying “this to shall pass” it’s done with us lol…I can understand maybe at the longest a year but oh hell no .. try 8 years of this shitt …lol…
    Well my friend hang on and I wish you the best and look forward to all your post…
    Huggggs to you and continue on

    1. Suzette I would say all things being strange and unusual,which for me is a good thing I’m doing ok
      I’m doing the cigarette thing cold turkey, the pain meds are messing with me,so my anxiety is on the high side,I say for now everything else is going well
      Thank you for asking

      1. glad to hear that you are doing ok friend : )
        wow that is how my dad quit as well and oh boy I was around 13 and I thought about moving out lmao he was a bear cat …
        Today my anxiety was out of control from 6 am till around 2pm I do not know what it was and I didn’t want to take my xanax I did everything the breathing and relaxing to listing to relaxing musik everything I knew what to do ..Couldn’t get anything done at all…So I relate to that anxiety how I hate it probably just as much as you do lol…
        Are you having the side effect of the pain medication? maybe they need to adjust it or a different one for you maybe talk to your Dr?? just trying to throw some help for you I hate when friends are in pain or having problems and I just feel useless…..On the good side I am so happy to hear at least everything else is going well for you ..anything good going ones way is a positive no matter how big or small it is….
        soft hugggs to you my friend…

  2. So proud of the 20 day mark Sheldon, that on cold turkey is truly an accomplishment. I know what you mean about the other shoe, I think sometimes life just likes to play with us and we wait, and we wait….and days pass by faster and we relax finally and then a year goes by and you look back and say “What?” where did my shoes go and why am I wearing sandals? Peace to you my friend and praying daily for a brighter smoother transition for the pain and stress for you. Peace and love always, K

    1. Good morning Kim
      Now I can get on with my day
      Your like that first cup of coffee
      And until I have I’m like dead in the water
      May your seeds grow
      May your harvest be bountiful
      May we walk unto the morrow Sun
      And all our hopes, dreams, and aspirations
      Come in times of need
      Prayers and blessings
      As always Sheldon

      1. you know when you going through a storm
        And it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up
        But you still have more on through
        It always help to have a co pilot
        To help you navigate
        Thank you for understanding
        People do make a difference
        In times of unrest
        You are my extended family
        You lift me up
        The love I’ve gotten
        Has made a huge difference
        And trust me you got mine
        Any time any where
        Day or nite
        Hearts and flowers

  3. I used to do a little trick with myself Sheldon….
    When I smoked
    I was basically smoke filled
    and “oxygen deprived”
    There was something really fulfilling
    about pantomiming that first drag
    but taking in AIR instead…
    deep deep deeply into my lungs
    The air went to all the sweet spots
    and my lungs learned
    how to breath again…

    1. I’m not really sure I understand what you are saying
      I am doing ok so far lots of writing and doing lots of art
      I’m working on a collage now
      I find when I divert my mind I do my best
      When I get into that creative zone
      I’m like a bird flyin high
      As a matter of fact I’m feeling it now
      I had a rough morning today
      I am slowly pulling out of it
      I have many tools to combat this smoking thing
      Thank you for your concern
      Love always
      And above all peace

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