24 thoughts on “Lillian

  1. Sheldon, I am so very sorry, I know how they take one’s heart and how much this has to be hurting you, I do so hope she will be alright and very soon she will be home with you again, safe in your arms. Thinking of you, take care, if you don’t mind I’ll say a little Prayer for her. God Bless. Anna.

  2. We had to take her to a veterinarian that we normally don’t go to
    they saw dollar signs instead of an animal and or pet
    They drove me to the wall
    It’s over now
    Lily is home
    But God how it sucks
    Thank you all for well wishes
    S h e is doing fine

  3. Relieved to hear she is home and feeling better. Arrrgh vets. We really need to take our cat George in but are afraid we’ll experience the same thing, dollar signs in the eyes where only care should be.

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