My back is against…….

Again,NO NO NO

My back went out

And the nerve is

Being pinched,the

Dr who treated

Me the first time

Is no longer practicing

So I have to start all

Over again,I went

To see my heart Dr

My pressure was too

High,I had to deal

With a very complicated

Situation this morning

Just about had to sell

My soul,Christ I don’t

Want to go there,the

Summer is coming

Fast this is the time

For me to make money

And I’ve been sitting on

The couch,the Scenario

Doesn’t stop,just the

Players keep changing

I tired of complaining

But my body is not

Cooperating,it’s a very

Long walk off a short pier


5 thoughts on “ManlaMeant

  1. Sheldon, I am there with you. Doctors appointments and blood tests and waiting and waiting to see Consultant and hearing from the “Professionals” “I know how you feel”, my answer to that is “No you f…..g don’t, I’m the one in agony I’m the one losing out on Spring and Life” (excuse my language). Take care as best you can Sheldon, love Anna.

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