Many Forms

Abuse comes in my forms
With many voice
Sometimes to be heard
& times even in the cold silence
“How could you do this”
“How do you know what life
is when you are still
wet behind your ears”
“Unlock this door,what
are you doing with the
the door locked”
“What did you write in your book,
how could you say
those, those”
All that comes with abuse
All that came with fists that pouch
All that comes with words
to hurt the one
you’re suppose to love
I am me now
I am not the many forms
Sheldon Kleeman© February 9 2015
This spoke to me
Don’t ask why
Often my poems
Talk to me
Us writers knows this

7 thoughts on “Many Forms

  1. Indeed abuse does come in many forms, bamboo canes that left their scars, punches that left one deaf in one ear – physical abuse sometimes the scars heal sometimes not. Mental/verbal abuse stays in the head, the words thrown at one to hurt to scar, never go, no matter how many times you tell yourself they have. Did those that hurt us, really loved us? Thank you for this blog.

  2. Some people haven’t a filter
    They just don’t care
    Or their is an under lying agenda
    The world would be a better place……..
    But as the world turns
    So are it’s many people
    All with an axe ready to cut or defend
    Life is more complicated
    Than and peace is at an all time high
    What use to simple
    Is no longer a solution
    And problems are as common as a cold
    Thank you (K)

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