Meat in St Louis

20170923_034245I’m sitting here looking at the ceiling fan and wondering the last time it was dusted…….oh what the fuck no I’m not wondering
About no god forsaken ceiling fan I’m,frustrated,confused,angry,and in pain.I went to the gastroenterologist and after much going back and forth he tells me I have a hiatal hernia and I have had it for a long time,yes right in my records and he doesn’t think it was important to tell me so before hand so its endo oscopy for me,fun and games,the cash cow for the Dr next Christmas,vacation.he’s interested in seeing the insides of Sheldon So they can tell me I am a piece of meat and I need some cutting to compliment the cut of beef I am.oh there’s more but the drama is to intense to go through,I’m at my witts end wondering when this madness will be over

12 thoughts on “Meat in St Louis

      1. ‘you can destroy my body; but you can never destroy my soul’ ‘You’ are the authorities of the German ‘kapitalistic system’ in this quote. And she, who said it, while she was (tortured) in prison, was an anarchistic member of the pretty violent Rote Armee Fraction. From the side of the authorities she was a dangerous terrorist. The official story is, that she killed herself in prison; but others say that she was executed…

        1. I’ve always have said something to that affect that you can take everything away from me but my spirit,I’ve always been a fighter I will continue,Thank you Harrie
          For your support and encouragement
          Sheldon As Usual

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