Mother Please


This whole eye thing has got me so

I still can’t see so good

Not easy to write when

Your eyes are not cooperating

I guess I’m going to see

The eye people this

Afternoon I know I’m

Small compared to

The rest of what is

Going on but when

You can’t function

On a normal level

The rest of the seem

Like an island of

A distant shore

14 thoughts on “Mother Please

    1. Cataracts and progressive lenses
      I got my eyes looked at several weeks ago
      They told me that either if they couldn’t change my prescription then they had to do something about the cataract

  1. I can emphasize with the eye problems. At age 49 I had a minor stroke which badly damaged the vision in my left eye. At first I could only see light and dark. My retina specialist tried laser treatment which was a temporary fix. Finally January 2010 I had retina surgery on my left eye. I can see but not as well as before. Blurry but my right eye makes up for the loss.
    I must admit I was scared. Terrified.
    But as time has passed I’ve adjusted.

  2. All the best with your eyes, Sheldon. My mum has had cataracts removed, she now has ‘bionic’ eyes! Sometimes you catch the silver lenses they put in. She doesn’t need her glasses for driving anymore. They were two separate operations for each eye, which went well. She is so glad to have had it done.
    All the best, thinking of you.

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