10 thoughts on “My Pet

  1. We changed her food by request of the vet
    I never would of thought
    But she’s a whole together
    Different,much more happier
    It really was something
    To see
    How’s your heart
    These days

    1. Isn’t that amazing? We are what we eat, after all. I’m so happy Lillian’s doing well đŸ™‚ My heart is jumping for joy after having read your brilliant words. How are you, my sweet?

      1. Oh Rose
        I wish I had good words
        But I don’t
        I spent 3 days in the hospital last week
        There’s too much going on
        I’m trying
        But my trying is
        Not responding to my doing

  2. You are so…..
    I can’t begin to say
    I’ve been more pro active
    More than I ever have
    It’s just been one thing after another
    I can seem to catch a break
    My mind is stronger than ever
    It’s my body that falling apart

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