A gentle reminder

To say how much we care

A push out the door

To say the anxiety is in ….

Words softly spoken when we are here

Soon another year will pass

And all my wp family

Are saying Happy New Years


My friend  Daisy has nominated me

For The Mystery Blogger Award

I am grateful to her and let just say I am grateful to you all. as  it’s been hard on me since April passed for reasons I can’t say rite now,to many health  issues,now it’s my eyes,but you’ve all so supportive and

Always encouraging me. Thank you Daisy

And thank you  all

———–!! $$$$!

I want to touch the world as it touches me   I want to see the unforeseen    Why is there always a question   A mystery  to the quiet storm  A secret  that will never be revealed   An untold  story   I want to touch the world and have my finger tips leave there mark   I am so small in comparison  to the rest  But it only takes one to be touched   To make the difference  To feel the power of,  The untold mystery and secret to the Quiet Storm

Sheldon Perspective 2017


11 thoughts on “Mystery

  1. Sheldon your ambiguous poetry your ” finger tips leave there mark” at least on my life. Much Happiness to you and yours. Keep on trying and surmounting the problems. your friend ~~dru~~

    ps i await the “The untold mystery and secret to the Quiet Storm”

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