There was a because

And now it has infected

Me,I’ve tried every which

Way till Thursday but

To no avail I am stopped

By someone’s judgment

Telling me no that’s not how

It’s done,it has effected me

Has cause me trauma, I’ve call

Out their names at night,as

The poison they produce is now

The fluid pumping through

My veins,I reached my limit

Yes I’ve never said this before

Thursday, Friday, and yes today

Migraines, it has a vengeance

All of its own,I seem to be it,I

Can’t make heads or tails out

Of all of this,it’s truth has never…..



I am no longer the men of once

I am a man who has

But looked into

my eyes

And I’m told no

5 thoughts on “N0″i”

  1. Oh my dear Sheldon!!!…
    You have me in tears… : (
    I have only had 2 or so migraines one was not to long ago and throwing up everywhere and the pain…I swear to God there is nothing worse than a migraine or a toothache in this world… I wouldn’t wish them on anyone….well maybe …lol…
    I am so worried about you my dear…
    OMG have you tried this over the counter it’s called headon…one word…they have it for migraines it does help I would get you some and send it but I just don’t get out much…but if I need to I will…just let me know…you can buy it at Walgreens or any place like that…please,please try it…it will help …now it won’t completely stop it but it is a wonderful product …I think it’s all natural too…plz plz get some or let me know…I would be happy to send it to you…: )

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