Not My Cross To Bare

“I was inspired to write this short short by a fellow blogger his name is Terje Helleso. He is a photographer, he blogs at You should go and check him out, his work is really great”

I took a wrong turn off the highway

I didn’t where I was

The surroundings were unfamiliar

I was tried from driving

I needed to stretch my legs

So I got out of the car, I was curious

I walked the sun beaten dirt road

The grass was bleached by the sun it had a lifeless quality

I saw in the distance a wooden cross looming over a plot of land high on top of a hill

It looked to me like a graveyard because I could see a white pickett fence popping up

I wonder to myself who mite be buried there

But when I reached the the hill top where the cross was

There wasn’t any gravestones

Just Death in Black and White…………………

5 thoughts on “Not My Cross To Bare

  1. It was this black and white you had did not to long ago, I can’t remember everything about the image just that it moved me to write,a lot of times I see images that do this, from Harrie,to Malin,to Ashely,the list goes on and on. Thank you for letting me do this, I will probably do this more

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