You are restless

It’s that time of

day when your

thoughts get

tossed into a

pot of boiling


They just keep

simmering and


Till this pot

starts to boil


What is left

in this pot

is your


This one situation

that you feel

your rite and

the other party

is wrong

Over and over

lost in one thought

Anger takes over

you are this

pot of boiling……….

There is no


from where you


This stove becomes

the source

for your obsession

And you wish

you had another



all the ones

that are left


your brunt


12 thoughts on “OBSESSION

  1. Maybe this pot will cool down a bit & let go ..
    I believe now burning was best to start a new pot of thoughts simmering to act defensive! !

  2. This was writing prop to see if I could write about these feelings
    Not that I was feeling this at the time,I do this a lot,I’m not crying wolf,I do have those times,but not today

    1. I did feel lol I am a crying wolf actually but in saying you I was trying to advise myself 🙂
      I know you won’t obviously. That was just me 🙂

  3. I often do this myself,when I speak it’s not for the other person as much it is for myself,I am do glad you came back and checked,you are one of my greatest supporters,and you always encourage me
    Than you Izza
    As always Sheldon

    1. Means a ton if you feel that way 🙂
      Obviously I had to 🙂
      You are my favorite on WP 🙂
      God bless !!

  4. I do feel this way
    My poems are like art
    It’s how the reader perceives
    I can come from a whole other place
    But it’s your interpretation that counts
    As always Sheldon

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