Of All My


Sitting on the edge

Patiently waiting

Loneliness does not

Have a friend it’s


Mind out of sorts

Pacing back and forth

In your mind,now that

Your body will not work

In ways that it once did

What was once easy you

Become easily confused &

Fustrated, a body the will

Not response to the motor

Skills, a quick change becomes

A slow boat to china,up the creek

W/0 a paddle,in the quick

Of an eye life is not a once

Bell, it’s now becomes Bells Palsy

Today has been quite trying lots of tears and fears,I don’t have answers

All I have is love,will that be enough

Do the gods see or are they a blind

Eye,cruel, I am trying hard to stay

A float,buying nail polish with Hannah

Making the best of all my father skills

3 thoughts on “Of All My

  1. Speaking from fearful experience, a strokes untimely catch, the waterfalls behind you now, gather your crew in the rowing boat of love and paddle in unison, there’s only upstream ahead.

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