Old School

She wasn’t ordinary
She was casted from a mold
that doesn’t exist any more
Her champagne as she would called it was
Hot water with a splash of milk
while she sucked on a hard candy
If  she didn’t have the candy
it would be stale bread
We weren’t allowed to throw  any bread away
She wasn’t ordinary by any means
The extension of her fingers were a needle and thread
And if her foot had any lead
it was meant for the paddle of the sewing machine
She could make a pattern for a dress
by cutting the design from newspaper
Old school passion
there weren’t any rules
just pure imagination
Her cooking wasn’t a recipe
From cookies to soup
It all came from a stewing passion
She wasn’t……
She was Bub
She once clocked a guy who was trying to steal her pocketbook
I just want to say how I miss her so
Those memories of Bub always remain
etched in my mind as it was yesterday
Because the kind of person she was
are few and far between
These are the people we must remember
They stood for passion
& their morals
unlike what we have now
A society that speaks of MORALS
& PASSION but has no basic understanding
of what these ideals stand for
She was old school
She was bubby
And for this I will always be grateful for being schooled

16 thoughts on “Old School

  1. Oh my goodness…that was so beautiful, Sheldon. I love the cadence to it, the style, the words themselves and the images they create. One of your best ever, as far as I’m concerned. Keep ’em coming, man!

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