On my knees again

20161112_092404 the snake that slither  those insects that are big enough to pull more then it’s weight  it’s the bain of my existence, anxiety speaks in a low voice asking fear what is my name   panic attacks when the door of uncertainty is open and all your questions are what is the it   I’ve spent my life learning ticks of the trade,boot camp to retrain my mind to think,guided imagery to take the place of darkness   when distilled with water it’s still the bain of my existence   as the snake slither on its belly and the roach that asks for more please


4 thoughts on “On my knees again

  1. “Guided imagery to take the place of darkness…”

    We talk ourselves through twisted roads –
    Navigate those highways of lost souls.
    Crawling on our bellies to reach home –
    yet back in the arms of those we know,
    we can’t stop staring at the door.
    It was far better to be alone.

    I’ve been on that same road, Shel. Your words always have a way of getting to me. Don’t stop writing, love.

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