on my own

20171011_084302school was always in cause when you are young that’s where you spend most of your time then came terror because I couldn’t stand what appeared to be dark & had a fear of people faces who appeared to be mean one wrong look with their eyes & i was crying inside its wasn’t the facts it was the approach this would be the first lesson next was learning how to fall than came how not to get hurt watching the big clock on the naked & mint green wall or listening for the bell cause it would be time to go home it always seem as though it was always about paper because I had to learn how to fold the it to make the paper to have an even # so each could have an arithmetic problem just so I could neatly get it all wrong 1+1,1+1,1+1 over and over again till it was a haunted house and not a place of knowledge sweating was an easy one to learn for every time they said no my mind and body knew to sweat the small stuff cause that’s what I was told & these were the lesson I couldn’t… after it was all said and all was done trauma sat in the corner with his face to the wall,64 yrs later I have finally learned what they were teaching me I could excelled when I could learn the facts on my own

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