Once Upon A Love

My back is against

the crooked sky

I stood while looking up

With a clenched fist


Why me

If I knew you once

could I know you again

I cry to you

for I am lost

Tears are mine

but are they yours

So lonely am I

If I knew you once

would there be again

So lonely am I

will you be there again

We walked the neon streets

I held your hand

distant are those feelings

Too often words are said

Love is not ours

What was must be

Tears are mine

but could they

be ours

4 thoughts on “Once Upon A Love

  1. Thank you Amy,my words come from a place where few dare to step,my art is the same way,love always been like this
    Thank you again Amy
    I love your blog also you come from that real place,your in site is always spot on

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