Open Letter


I know what it feels like

Putting one foot in front

Of the other but still feel

Like you are standing still

I am trying to work with

The little I have,but my

Trying is not responding

To my doing,I hate being

A patient

The mental

The physical

The day after day

Of pain,the pill

Cocktails morning

Noon & Night

I know what you are

Going through W/0

Hearing your words

The frustration,from

Those at your work who

Make it difficult for

You to preform your

Daily tasks,to me

Living with less

Than I’m use to

My get up and go

Left up and went

I love you more

And more each

Day for your


And care,the little

Things that you do

What can I say with

My heart on a plate

There’s strength in my

Words but not in

My hands,I wish

There was,but alias

I doing more with less

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