It’s hardly believable

Let alone conceivable

What is the probability

A judge w/0 jury,based

On flimsy evidence,all

Of my eccentricities of course

That no one else has but me

Everything I am,I wear on

My sleeve,I’ve never ever

Tried to conceal any of

My man,it’s pretty much

Full disclosure,and my

perspective,not many

Would go the lengths I

Have to tell a story like

Mine,it couldn’t have been

Written as well as I’ve said

All the syndromes I’ve worn

W/0 tucking in my shirt

All the behaviors W/0

Using a belt,I’ve always

Have had a fashion sense

So why after all these yrs

Would I go to lengths to

To always wear my jeans

With holes w/0 sharing

the expense with you

My email is working

And I am jammed as

Hell trying to get to

All of you,I hope you understand

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