Over Load

Someone came

and flipped

the switch

Could of it been me

I’m not quite sure

Like a hamster

on a wheel

The switch is stuck

My heart is



There’s a sensation

running through

my body

My blood has

no where

to go

My mind was

placed in a bottle

& left on a shelf

They said I was damage

There were no

replacemet parts

Still there’s this


My mind is too

willing to race

Now after all

these years

with words

to recondition

& pills rearrange

I come to find out

I wasn’t what they said I was

A square beg without a hole

I was a man who knew

and had the answers

The problem being

I was a man I didn’t trust


Being the” A” type that I am

I’m still looking for answers

So if I am redundant it’s only

Because I am still on the road to find out………….

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