Perfectly Fear


I’m not giving an inch to feel

Yes there are

But mostly it’s

A costly venture

W/0 any return

Not literally or figuratively

Cause once you start

Giving up real estate

Those feeling only want more

And you know what that means

Fits and sparks

What you thought

Would be cleansing

Takes and codenames

That faulty structure called tears

Some would say you can’t

Live with or without

But giving a inch to feel

Only starts what can

Never be finished

W/0 destroying a

Perfectly good fear

2 thoughts on “Perfectly Fear

  1. Ahhhh, so true! To give in and shed those tears, relinquishes pain and fear. What do we have left then, but total emptiness? It’s the void, the nothingness that drives me crazy. Powerful writing, Shel. So, so good! xo

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