Poor Harry


Harry in his pocket

There were a 1000

Different reasons

Like coins in a jar

I notice him padding

His pockets looking

for Some spare change

as Though he needed

Something that he

Shouldn’t have

Quite the fashion

Statement, his jeans

Look like after burn

Of a ragging fire out

of his control,a once

White tee shirt,now

Not so,oh for

another 1000

reasons of course

A fashion statement

That wasn’t necessarily

Needed but if asked

He would of had

Harry in his pockets

Playing pocket ball

This pool wasn’t a

Suppose swim,this

one he needed,but

One he had missed

For reasons of life

For once he should

But for once he

Shouldn’t have


7 thoughts on “Poor Harry

      1. Nope not yet my friend…lol…
        it looks like its messing up a lot of property but not here yet… we don’t need any more rain here they guys have been mowing every week here due to the rain …but so far not any from the hurricane… from the looks of it and the path we will get plenty of uneeded rain and winds that we don’t need any of… they guys have to go to town later 2day and they are going to pick up some more candles just to be safe …since the power goes out here like I have never seen lol… last Sunday it was out from 1:00pm till after 10:00pm …
        You have any plans for today or 2morrow ???…

        1. I fell again this morning
          My knee is swollen so
          It hurts so much
          I am cast out of my mind
          Maria and I were crying together
          This morning,I’m tired suesuzz
          I’m at my wits end

          1. OMG!!!… Sheldon!!!… I hate to hear this : ( what am I going to do with you and your better half… wish that I could help…some way… this just breaks my heart what your both going thru… at least you have each other to lean on…I still know its hard…and yes so tiring…
            to tell u the truth we here have been so tired of nothing working out and health issues …everything we try to do fucks us even more… so I can and do understand the frustration point of it all… it just more than sux hogg ballz…
            you always have a shoulder to lean on here my friend…or cry on… you are not alone in this even tho it may seem that way…you are not!!!…
            I thought something was up or going on with you… you were just to quite lol…
            Please try to hang in there …I know you do…and it gets old…but you have to… I need my dear Sheldon here with me…
            Soft huggggs n major love to you both…

          2. No need to thank me… I am here for the both of you… if I were closer and able I would so help you both out as much as I could…
            Love n hugggs

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